What’s happening in Australia’s digital health transformation?

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The ADHA is hoping potential partners and stakeholders will take advantage of the talkfest.

Want to know more about the next wave of Australia’s digital health infrastructure transformation?

If the answer is yes, the Australian Digital Health Agency has an invitation for you.

The ADHA is inviting stakeholders and potential partners to learn more about its “transformative vision for national digital health infrastructure” at an information session on 15 July at the Hellenic Club in Canberra.

The Agency’s CEO Amanda Cattermole PSM said digital health was not only about technology, “but also about transforming the way we deliver and experience healthcare”.

“By using data and digital technologies, we support improvement in individual health outcomes, easing pressure on the healthcare workforce, and supporting planning and ongoing investment,” she said.

 “Digital health infrastructure that is fit for purpose and future proofed means moving away from legacy systems and creating a contemporary, structured, data-rich ecosystem that can connect across healthcare settings in near real time in every corner of the country.”

Chief Digital Officer Peter O’Halloran said the information session would allow the sector to gain a deeper understanding of the agency’s digital health infrastructure and the unified architecture needed to support connected health care.

“The agency is committed to modernising the My Health Record system from a clinical document repository to a data-rich platform built on the international data exchange standard known as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), to ensure health data can be seamlessly connected across all parts of the health system,” said Mr O’Halloran.

“The agency has had great success with the establishment of a new API Gateway, and transition to cloud storage, the next step is to implement a new FHIR-based repository, which will allow storage of key records that form part of each consumer’s My Health Record.”

Mr O’Halloran encouraged industry, potential partners and other interested parties to register for the information session and submit their questions in advance.

“Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback that will help us shape our procurement activities and market engagement approach,” Mr O’Halloran said. Register for the Information Session on Transforming Australia’s Digital Health Infrastructure before 5pm (AEST) on Wednesday 10 July. All questions for the event will be taken in advance through Slido, with details on the agency website. Questions will be moderated and published.

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