How important is new technology to your practice – really?

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What's the consensus on wearable devices? Help TMR find out by taking this short survey and you could win a cool prize


Are patients and doctors really as overwhelmingly in support of using digital tools, such as monitoring apps and wearable devices, as any number of consultants’ surveys tell us? Help The Medical Republic find out by taking this short survey and go into the draw to win one of three $1000 Red Balloon gift vouchers.

Many high-end consulting surveys come across the desk of The Medical Republic claiming  both patients and doctors are hugely in favour of using digital tools to help manage their health needs. We are a little suspicious, even of those that have supposedly significant samples of Australian patients and doctors.

Take some findings for Australians from a very recent global survey by global consulting group Accenture. While some trends are clearly out there, such as only 11% of doctors think their patients should have full access to their medical record, as opposed to 88% of their patients, others don’t seem to be on the money at all.

For example:

  • Up to 30% of Australians have shared or discussed wearable and app data with their doctors and a whopping 58% are “very willing” to share the data
  • Half of patients either already wear, or would be willing to wear, health-tracking technology
  • More than 70% of both patients and doctors believe wearable health devices help patient engagement on six out of seven criteria

If you’d like to help us all understand this interesting digital trend in more detail please CLICK HERE to take our “digital patient support tools” survey.

We will let you know what the results are, early in the new year.  If you have any questions, please email:


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