HealthEngine announces end to end integrated consumer telehealth ecosystem

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HealthEngine has an end to end fully integrated consumer telehealth system up and running to make telehealth much easier for practices

 The worsening Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis in Australia has prompted many healthcare practices across the GP, Dental, Allied Health and Medical Specialist sectors to adopt technology tools to reduce exposure of their staff and patients to the contagion.

Practices need to find ways to help patients without having to be physically present. This includes providing telehealth consultations from the practice to triage patients or allowing a healthcare provider to continue to see patients whilst self isolating or quarantined from home. The latest Federal Government announcement to lift the previous restrictions and complexity associated with the Telehealth Medicare items will further help adoption which is critical for patient care and the financial viability of many practices.

“For providers who are skeptical, unsure or new to telehealth, there’s a required change in mindset and workflows associated with phone and video consultation and that’s just the first hurdle. Another challenge for practitioners is that many solutions being rushed to market are clunky and lack the integration or automation for tasks that practitioners aren’t used to performing. We knew there was a better way and our HealthEngine team has acted quickly to bring an end-to-end, fully integrated consumer telehealth ecosystem to serve providers and patients across Australia,” said Dr Marcus Tan, HealthEngine Founder, CEO and Medical Director.

The HealthEngine Telehealth Ecosystem:
An Easy and Seamless Telehealth Solution for Patients, Practices and Partners that offers:


  • Access to secure, easy to use and affordable telehealth options for providers to get up and running and take appointments and credit card payment immediately; ensures their patients get the continuity of care they deserve
  • Zero training needed for providers and easy setup with existing booking flow and full PMS integration
  • Identifies practices offering Bulk-billed and/or Paid telehealth
  • Allows patients to Find?, Book, See and Pay for telehealth appointments with either their regular
  • provider or a new provider ?via a new telehealth directory search feature
  • Access to Australia’s largest network of patients

Products & Features

  • MBS Telehealth and/or Paid Telehealth via phone, consumer-grade video conferencing or a new and secure HealthEngine integrated video solution available for practices and providers across ?GP, Dental, Allied Health and Medical Specialist sectors
  • For Paid Telehealth:
    •  Practices set price and patients pre-pay at time of booking?  Payment facilitated using secure payment partner, Stripe
    • Protects practices from Do Not Attends (DNAs) and guarantees payment

Partnerships & Integrations

  • HealthEngine has integrations with 24 PMS vendors across GP, Dental, Allied Health and Specialist allowing for a more seamless provider and patient experience
  • Integrated partnerships with telehealth ecosystem partners offering more medical-grade technology solutions have initially commenced with Phenix Health, Doctors On Demand, and GP2U. We have a range of other complementary partners waiting in the wings to join the HealthEngine telehealth ecosystem and are receiving approaches from other interested parties almost daily wishing to access over 6000 practices and 3.5 million users a month on the HealthEngine network.

“Many practices are telling us of patient numbers decreasing across the board as people stay home. This is putting practices under considerable financial stress. The most unique part of our offering is our multi-specialty directory making it easier to now find telehealth-enabled providers. Out of the over 10,000 general practitioners on the HealthEngine network, 1,500 have already enabled telehealth and hundreds more are activating daily. The directory will help patients find these telehealth enabled GPs and will shortly be listing dentists, physios, psychologists, and specialists offering telehealth as a consultation option during a time where patients need to or would prefer to be seen remotely,” said Dr Tan. “We have also provided health practices options for integrations with other top telehealth infrastructure vendors as part of our broader ecosystem of partners to facilitate provider choice. We are excited to be bringing this service to market for patients and practices in desperate need for remote consultation options.”

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