How to recruit the perfect GP

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What makes a desirable workplace? Remuneration may get doctors in the door but culture is what will keep them.

When you’re desperate to recruit, your criteria can come down to “a pulse and a medical degree”, says our guest in the Tea Room today, Dr Todd Cameron.  

Yes, there are many analogies between recruitment and dating, and in this episode we mention most of them. 

Dr Cameron, of Scale My Clinic, knows the recruitment game well. He has grown medical clinics from start-up to public listing but says the current talent drought is a massive issue for clinic owners. 

“It’s really the perfect storm. No doctors moving from overseas, less doctors moving within Australia and a really low number of graduates from medical school wanting to do general practice. I don’t think many people would have seen it worse than what it is right now,” he says. 

Fortunately, Dr Cameron also knows how to cut through these challenges. In this episode he explains how to create a recruitment process that attracts the GPs who are a great fit for your clinic, and repels those who are not. 

Dr Cameron also has a suggestion for rural clinics who feel the talent drought more acutely. 

“You could target city doctors who have a light aircraft because they want a way of making their light aircraft tax deductible. You’ve just got to think laterally about who to target,” he says. 

You can listen and subscribe to the show by searching for “The Tea Room Medical Republic” in your favourite podcast player. 

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