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Victorians are finding new ways to express their love for their health officials.

On the lighter side of this deadly pandemic, and to celebrate Victorians’ emergence from their fifth lockdown, we bring you an update on that state’s fixation with its health officials.

Last year we kept you abreast of the Brett Sutton “CHOttie” love, now it’s the covid-commanding Jeroen Weimar’s turn to receive some possibly disconcerting attention from bored Victorians.

The Jeroen fandom (and that’s “Yerroon” if you want to be Dutch about it) seems to have begun with admiration for his simply excellent communication.

But we all know how easily an intellectual crush can escalate.

If you can’t get enough of Weimar’s mug, you can get an actual mug with it on as well as many other accessories here. The Jeroenabilia hasn’t quite hit the thirst levels of this Brett Sutton merch, possibly only because Victoria has got on top of Delta in such an enviable fashion. After another month, who knows?

And one artist has turned appreciation of the state’s holy covid trinity into actual iconography.

New South Welshpeople are eagerly awaiting the equivalent treatment for Gladys, Kerry and Brad … Anyone?

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