Take 5: The future of contraception

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Are there any new contraceptives on the horizon?


Are there any new contraceptives on the horizon?

“With regard to intrauterine devices – there’s a lot of research into making them smaller, neater and cheaper,” explains Dr Paddy Moore, a paediatric and adolescent gynaecologist and head of contraceptive and abortion services at The Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Smaller intrauterine devices will mean that the arms cause less irritation.

Some smaller intrauterine devices are available in Europe and America “but there has been a decision not to release it on the PBS here in Australia, which is unfortunate,” says Dr Moore.

There are also alternative designs for intrauterine devices, including armless devices in the shape of balls and tensile objects that a can be inserted with less pain and can shape themselves to the individual, she adds.

Contraception of the future will acknowledge that one size does not fit all, says Dr Moore.

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