Navigating age-related decline in immunity with your patients

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Professor Booy joins The Tea Room to talk about age-related decline in immunity, whom it affects and the implications for the vaccination of older people.

Age related decline in immunity is a real problem. But new research suggests that some GP’s aren’t convinced. 

“Accepting that immunity declines with age is an important step in helping adults stay healthier. GPs have a big role to play in this,” says Professor Robert Booy, Australian infectious disease specialist.

Recent research has shown that when GPs do proactively discuss vaccines with adult patients about 75% of them end up getting vaccinated.1

However, a new survey2 by The Medical Republic of over 100 Australian healthcare professionals has suggested some GPs are not convinced about the reality of age-related decline in immunity.

This episode we are joined by Professor Booy to talk about age related decline in immunity, who it affects, GP education on the issue and the implications for vaccination of older people.


  1. Bayliss J, Randhawa R, Oh K. Perceptions of vaccine preventable diseases in Australian healthcare: focus on pertussis. Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics. 2021, 17(2), 344-3503
  2. ‘Assessing healthcare professionals understanding of age-related decline in immunity’, TMR survey commissioned by GSK Australia in December 2020/January 2021. 115 General Practitioners surveyed.

This educational activity was initiated, developed and organised by GSK.

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